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Jingju (Peking opera, Beijing Opera)

Jingju is a traditional type of Chinese Theater that uses speech, song, dance, and combat, such as The Contemporary Legend Theatre’s production Revenge of the Prince, an interpretation of Hamlet from 1990. The movements are not realistic, but rather, suggestive, with emphasis on the grace and beauty of the movement. The four main roles of the opera are the sheng, the main male role, the dan, which is any female role, the jing, a painted-face male role, and the chou, a painted-face male clown role. The jing and chou roles are both very difficult because of the painted faces, requiring the actors to have strong voices and to exaggerate their movements.


Peking Opera COSTUMES
Peking Opera COSTUMES

The Best Opera Theater in Beijing

It’s pretty much cold on the outside, temp is warm in the inside. Classical theater layout with lots of history in it. There’s a small museum beside the hall and a restaurant too. My king of place.

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