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Full length video of this opera with background in English

operabeijing 1864

Opera Beijing is the most perfect example of music in china and is the biggest Chinese opera form. It is often regarded as “Oriental Opera”. It has been in existence since 159 years ago and has created milestones in the Chinese drama scene. Some of its milestones include: opera troupes, countless artists, limitless repertoires and opera spectators. Beijing Opera was …

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Peking Opera Beijing Opera

Peking Opera COSTUMES

Jingju (Peking opera, Beijing Opera) Jingju is a traditional type of Chinese Theater that uses speech, song, dance, and combat, such as The Contemporary Legend Theatre’s production Revenge of the Prince, an interpretation of Hamlet from 1990. The movements are not realistic, but rather, suggestive, with emphasis on the grace and beauty of the movement. The four main roles of …

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