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Best Beijing Opera Theaters And Tickets

Best Beijing Opera Theaters And Tickets

There are a lot of interesting things that can be done in China. Apart from being a continually booming commercial hub, there are also various exciting spots for relaxation and fun.

Best Beijing Opera Theaters And Tickets

And that is why many people are not just visiting China to only conduct business and strike deals that concern money, but sees the country as an interesting tourist destination that should be explored. There is the Great Wall, there are various traditional cuisines, and people are anxious to enjoy the popular Beijing Opera.

The Beijing opera in particular keeps getting more and more attention as the day goes by. It has had a big impact in the locals’ entertainment for many years, and it keeps waxing strong and stronger.


Best Beijing Opera Theaters And Tickets
Best Beijing Opera Theaters And Tickets

Beijing opera is unique and it comprises of various stuffs. Apart from the opera, there is dancing, music, art and literature, all in one. It affords spectators the chance of seeing a whole picture of the folk arts of the country. Interestingly, there are over 1000 works already made, which are based on the country’s history, folklore as well as contemporary life.

There are a lot of things to learn from Beijing opera, as it’s not limited to just the entertainment part alone. It is known for it four main types of performers. Amid the crew, there are various of each variety, including many secondary and tertiary performers. With their strong and bright costumes, actors and actresses are the only focal points on it known sparse stage.

The skills of speech, song and dance are employed. However, it should be rightly noted that for these movements, rather than realistic, are merely symbolic and suggestive.

The skill of the actors and actresses are evaluated according to the pleasantness of their movements. Actors are expected to keep to a number of stylistic conventions that help spectators move the plot of the production.

Within each movement, to ensure the audience is carried adequately along to prevent being lost, layers of meaning must be voiced in time with music.

For the music used during the plays, they are in different styles – either the xīpí or èrhuán styles. When we talk about the melodies they use, we can begin mentioning the likes of arias, then fixed-tune melodies and also percussion patterns.

You might be interested in this traditional opera today, but it should be noted that, according to history, during the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s, it was actually tagged as ‘feudalistic’ and ‘bourgeois’. The Influence Of Beijing Opera Over Cantonese Opera Costume Design

It was on the record that due to this, it was then replaced with the 8 revolutionary model operas that drives propaganda and indoctrination. But after the Revolution, these changes were majorly undone.

But the major thing to note is that the organisers are not just folding their arms, but are working harder to bring about various reforms to encourage it acceptance in the society.

And so, there are improvements in performance quality, new plays are being performed, the audience are now seeing new performance elements being adapted, and there are some reasonable amount of success being recorded.

So, perhaps you newly found yourself in China and you desire enjoying the mystery of oriental culture, then be set to experience the thrills of these operas.

Here are some Beijing Opera Theatres (as well as tickets prices) where you can enjoy Peking Operas in the country.

1. The Liyuan Theater

This is definitely one of the most popular Beijing opera theaters in China, and it is popularly agreed to be one of the best. It Chinese name is 梨园剧场 lí yuán jù chǎng, and it has housed many audiences in previous times to enjoy the opera.

It is situated in Jianguo Hotel Qianmen, and it shows the performances everyday from 19:30 – 20:40. However, according to the already known traditions, each Chinese New Year Eve, they won’t be opened for business.

In this Theater, there avails the opportunity to sit around an old fashioned square table for 8 people and to sip Chinese Tea while the performances are going on. In fact, they permits some other things which are not allowed in some other theathers. Once a person has had access to get inside, the person can move into the dressing room to have a peep of how the performers are made up in their paintings Opera Beijing Masks Meaning Of Colors Used In Mask.

Two shows they consistently put up are The Crossroads and Autumn River.

The full address to the Liyuan Theater is No.175 Yongan Road, Xuanwu District, and the ticket fees are CNY200/280/380/480/580

2. The Chang’an Grand Theater

This Theater affords the chance to enjoy genuine performances as far as Perking opera is concerned, and so, it deserves to be on the list of best Beijing opera theaters.

It Chinese name is 长安大戏院 (cháng ān dà xì yuàn), and it was built in 1937 in the popular Xidan Business Street.

Afterwards, a lot of people have trooped this theater to gather and watch the performances. In 1996, another Chang’an Grand Theater (a new one) was rebuilt on Dong Chang’an Avenue that can contain 800 spectators at a time.

This one was a superb one that saw classical and modern architecture being perfectly blended together. Located at No.7, Jianguomen Inner Street, Dongcheng District, the audience will enjoy the elegant rosewood tables as well as the comfortable soft seats.

For the ticket fare, here is it: CNY80/100/180/280/380

3. Beijing Opera Theater

In Chinese, it is known as 京剧院实验剧场 (jīng jù yuàn shí yàn jù chǎng), and it is open for business on weekends and even on top official holidays in the country.

Although the ticket fare is fairly cheap (CNY50/80/100/120/380), it is a nice place to enjoy the performances.

Located at8/F, Beijing Opera Troupe Office Building, No.22, West Ping’anli Street, Xicheng District, this theater can hold a thousand persons at a time.

4. Mei Lanfang Theater

In the list of the best Beijing opera theaters, the méi lán fāng dà jù yuàn ought to be there.

It is a combination of a nice traditional opera theater and modern construction at a place.

Located at No.32, West Ping’anli Street, Xicheng District, with a ticket range of CNY50~2080, the 1008-capacity theater was made in such a way that everyone in the audience seat could have a good viewing on the performance.


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