Zhou Youjun
Sharp-eyed viewers of the concert videos we have been posting will note that each singer has his or her own jinghu player or players (sometimes one jinghu for a screechier, sparser sound, sometimes two for a fuller, more harmonic sound). This is of course because they need to rehearse together constantly to achieve perfect synch.

The accompanist who can be see in this video, Zhou Youjun (周佑军), is the same one as in this other video where Zhang Huoding sings Wujiapo with Yu Kuizhi (she can be seen right at the beginning).

But in this new video here, this accompanist sings both male and female roles of the same aria alone, while accompanying herself. A tour de force!

Fern provided the link to this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7AteWxW6rno

Or you can click here to download the video.

Here she is again (thank you Shegiang!) in a brief 2 part CCTV documentary:



Or you can download part one here and part two here.

The documentary shows how this fine musician researches the old scores, consults the old master and even visits a famous old tea house to soak in the vibes.