(originally published on: Apr 10, 2011) (Updated 2013-04-23 to fix broken links)

Zhang Huoding

One day all Beijing Opera DVDs will be in HD with great sound. I have yet the see the first one, though.

Today I am posting a video featuring Zhang Huoding singing an aria from an opera I am not familiar with. She’s wearing imperial yellow with a fur headdress, so I am guessing the story is set during the Han dynasty. Her performance is superb.

This is an excerpt from a purchased DVD which has very bad sound. I don’t have a “accidentally bad copy” of the DVD, I actually have two copies of the same DVD. The first one popped out of its holder during shipping and was scuffed badly by rattling in its case, damaging it so a third of the disk was unplayable. I ordered a second copy elsewhere a year later. Both copies are flawed in the same way, they have terrible loud and distorted sound.

This clip, rather quiet in nature, only has one or two brief moments where the distortion is apparent . Warning: the sound on this video is TOO LOUD! Bring down your volume before playing this clip!

The MP4 video is about 14 minutes long, about 200 MB in size, and can be viewed using VLC.

Click here to download the video.