Hmm, how about a few clips from 2008?

Sorting out folders is always beneficial, especially if you have files named like VTS_03_1ghf.VOB in them… I found a few Spring Festival classics again that I recorded earlier from CCTV4, in the good ol’ days when the editors still haven’t decided to substitute the Chinese Opera program with a cooking show…

Apropos of decisions, today at the CCTV headquarters an intense meeting is going on about the program of Theater in the Air for the next half of the year. Let’s cross our fingers for rare plays! More regional operas! Lesser seen troupes!

About the next three snippets:
You surely remember the unforgettable Nü Fuma song of the strikingly beautiful vice-president of the Hubei Huangmei Opera Theater. Now Yang Jun isn’t disguised as a man, she appears as Weaving Maid, a popular folk tale character.
The second clip features Zeng Zhaojuan again, who hypnotized Bertrand in the previous post. She was born in 1966, and is appointed as the vice-president of the Tianjin Pingju Theater.
At last, but not at least, a fantastic bangzi aria with Xu Heying from Hebei! Xu was born in 1963, and was honored with the Plum Blossom Award in 1998, together with Li Haiyan, Wang Ping.

黄梅戏《牛郎织女》到底人间欢乐多 Huangmei Opera Cowherd Boy and Weaving Maid – What Earthly Joy – Yang Jun (杨俊)

评剧《绣鞋记》Pingju Tale of the Embroidered Shoe – Zeng Zhaojuan (曾昭娟)

河北梆子《王宝钏·大登殿》Hebei Bangzi Wang Baochuan·The Great Enthronement – Xu Heying (许荷英)

I can’t resist adding the same aria performed by a 5 years old cutiepie! Isn’t it more appealing than a beauty contest with toddlers on high heels?

Kiddy Bangzi Wang Baochuan – Wang Meng (王萌)

You can download a version of the full opera from CCTV’s website in three parts here: [1] [2] [3]. Beware, Hebei Bangzi is infectious! But don’t expect the laosheng performers sound like in Beijing Opera. 😉

Hello Chinese Opera lovers!

I noticed only a few days ago that audience favorite YouTube channel “chinesecivilization” has been terminated. Chinesecivilization2 is still rolling, but not all videos from the first channel were re-uploaded.

A year or so ago I downloaded the 2010 Spring Festival Chinese Opera Gala in several parts from the above mentioned channel. To save them for the future, hereby I re-post a few of these high quality video clips.

All are very pleasant, popular excerpts, introducing China’s national essence in a vivid and fun way. I think all visitors will appreciate a little fun! Beware, Yu Wenhua’s version of Hua Mulan’s feminist song is a real ear-worm!

京剧《文姬归汉》Beijing Opera Wenji Returns to her Homeland – Li Haiyan (李海燕), Zhang Bing (张兵)

豫剧《花木兰》Henan Opera Hua Mulan – Yu Wenhua (于文华)

现代京剧《飘逸的红纱巾》Modern Beijing Opera The Flowing Red Scarf – Li Jie (李洁)

评剧《寄印传奇》Pingju The Legend of a Seal – Zeng Zhaojuan (曾昭娟)

京剧《钓金龟》Beijing Opera Golden Tortoise Fishing – Li Hong (李宏), Zhai Mo (翟墨)

昆曲《牡丹亭·惊梦》Kunqu Peony Pavilion·Awaken from a Dream – Fu Yandong (傅炎东), Wei Chunrong (魏春荣), Chen Lin (陈琳)

京剧《游龙戏凤》Beijing Opera Emperor Zhengde Teases Li Fengjie – Wei Haimin (魏海敏), Li Baochun (李宝春)

粤剧《夜会》Cantonese Opera A Night Meeting – Li Shuqin/Lei Suk-kan (李淑勤), Ji Huasheng/Gwai Waa-sing (季华升), Yang Yan/Joeng Ngaan (杨雁)
(I wasn’t sure how these performers from Guangdong transliterate their names, so I added the Cantonese version as well.)