The demos are fun to listen to at:


Most of our North American readers can walk into any Best Buy store and pick up the  Samsung BD-E5400 Blu-Ray Disc Player BD-E5400 which has wireless capabilities as well as a simple USB stick slot.

We bought it so my wife could show some vacation photos from her laptop to the TV via wireless router… and so I could finally view my “Thief of Bagdad” Blu-ray which was absolutely wonderful!

The wireless capabilities we tried and is all right (but be patient!) But the USB is nifty.

First off, be warned, I found your USB stick must be formatted FAT32 and not NTFS.

The BD-E5400 plays .mp4 files fine. In fact, if you download programs from CCTV with the Vidown utility, the files look great on a big HD flat screen.

Sound is good too.

The only technical glitch I found was with “fast fast” forwarding. After skipping the long humor section of the CCTV Valentine Special Fern posted in the DIY at her blog, the sound was gone and I wasn’t very patient waiting for it t come back. Also, an unrelated .avi file I tried was not recognized.


The new Google “Search by image” feature is pretty surprising. I started with a color picture of Zhang Huoding:


Using GIMP, I changed the canvas size, removed the color and renamed the file to “test.jpg”, giving:


Now I test to see if Google recognizes Zhang Huoding and indeed it does:


Now that’s pretty amazing.

Hello all,

I de-activated the WP Mobile Detector and enabled DudaMobile.

Let me know if you see a difference on your phone/tablet/notebook/device.



Today I lost a 250 GB hard drive. It’s the external USB drive I carry with me every day for backups at work. I also had 3 years worth of emails on Thunderbird Portable on it so I can do my email from computer to computer. I had a few Chinese operas on it, as well as backups of every web site I ever did.

Unfortunately, fortunately.

I have a series of these drives, 5 in fact, (now 4), plus my home and work computers. All my files are redundant on at least 3 drives, just in case. The two largest drives I keep plugged in only just long enough to copy files to them. I do my best to make sure I never lose any data. In this case, I did lose about a week’s worth of email. But that’s about it.

I try to backup my email often,I actually had a more recent backup of email on the same drive that died. Just in case. (Fern, could you please, please resend me any links you emailed me since Sept 5?)

This web site keeps everything together as well, all the little bits of information, the videos, the photos, the translations, the impressions. It really is yet another backup come to think of it.