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Zhang Huoding performing the White Snake


Zhang Huoding will be performing the plays she is most famous for, “The White Snake” and “The Unicorn Purse”, at the Lincoln Center in New York in September. Tickets are inexpensive.

David H. Koch Theater info here.

Details from China in English here.

Los Angeles 2015-03

(By Géza)

Hi Bertrand

As indicated, my wife, mother in law and I attended the
performance of Wang Rongrong Wednesnay. The performance was called Cultures of China Festival of Spring, organized by the Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council.

It was entirely opera, performed initially by lesser-known singers, although very good. Wang Rongrong came at the
end and performed several numbers magnificently. I also saw her earlier in the lobby being interviewed, without make-up (see picture below).

Wang Rongrong interviewed in Los Angeles, 2015

She was dressed very nice for the performance (and did not wear the blue

curtain call, Los Angeles 2015

One day later Wang Peiyu had an unannounced performance locally. We did
not hear about it from friends until it was too late. I was disappointed since I would have wanted to see her!




Fern is fine! Here she is backstage with famous actress Dou Xiaoxuan, winner of the nationally televised 2012 Jingju contest qingyi category. Only one of the many celebrities relentlessly selfied by our favorite correspondent.

Thank you for the photos, Fern!


新年快樂 Happy New Year!

Bertrand lost his job and found a new one (better one too).

Fern is off to Beijing.

Géza is moving from L.A. to the Washington D.C. area and either running for the Democrats or starting his own chicken farm. Hard to tell which.

This web site renewed for another year.

Mou Yuandi

The Shanghai opera troupes have a lot of talent. Among them all, Fern and I both acknowledge cross-dressing actor Mou Yuandi is a unique, stand-out artist. His singing is terrific, his moves amazing, and his energy electrifying. He is a bit bigger than life too.

I don’t relax when I watch this Beijing Opera《翠屏山》called Cuipingshan originally performed on 2014-02-28 at the Tianchan Yifu Stage in Shanghai. I don’t think I’m meant to!

Sword struggle

The cast: Wang Lijun 王立军, Mou Yuandi 牟元笛; special guest stars: Cao Jianwen 曹剑文、Xiao Runnian 萧润年、Jin Xihua 金锡华

Thanks to Fern who sent me this via the regular mail. (Do you have a storyline for this opera? I’m curious about some of the pantomimes.)

Anyhow, Mou might not be your kind of girl but this is a fabulous two hour opera, don’t miss it.

The original file title was:

20140702 京剧《翠屏山》

Click here to download video (780 MB mp4 file)



Another very pleasing 20 minutes can be had here on Youtube, a 20 minute scene from a Shaoxing Opera play. Most of it acapella with little musical accompaniment.

Opera title Google Translates to “Dutch Pavillion”, but I doubt that is correct.

越劇 问君安《盤妻索妻·荷亭》王君安 李敏
王君安 – 梁玉書
李敏 – 謝雲霞
福建芳華越劇團 演出

2014 comeback Butterfly Lovers with Zhang Huoding


The 2014 Butterfly Lovers opera can be viewed (and downloaded) in high quality video and sound from Youtube here.

Grateful thanks to zijunzhang!

Family Fuse Weekend in Vancouver

Zhang Huoding in the Unicorn Purse 2014

Here is my favorite opera singer singing her signature role after too many years absence from the stage. Her fans were waiting! This is the show that provoked pandemonium and 5 encores last spring, of which you get the briefest taste here at the end of the two hour performance.

It’s a bit of a bummer that Vidown can only download a corrupted version of the video for this, certainly the Beijing Opera comeback of the year.

However, thanks to zijunzhang, the video can be viewed (and downloaded using the Firefox addon “Video DownloadHelper”) from here.

If and when I find a higher resolution video, I will surely post it . I know it’s out there, somewhere…

Meanwhile, paradise.